Are you a visual learner? A Collection of PLE Diagrams offers lots to see.

“Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) are all about using web tools such as blogs, wiki, twitter, facebook to create connects with others which extend our learning, increases our reflection while enabling us to learn together as part of a global community. PLNs increase our opportunities to ask questions and receive help compared to our normal daily face-to-face interactions.”
Author – Sue Waters

Click here to view the VoiceThread titled What Does the Network Mean to You? You will see the diagram of the networked teacher, see photos of the group of people who contributed to the VoiceThread, and hear their comments.


What My PLN Means to Me is a project site where you can find videos of people talking about what their PLN means to them. The site is set up in a wikispace.

Consider joining the Educators' PLN! Close to 3000 educators on one Ning site sharing websites, videos, discussions and more. A powerful community.

Interesting blog, The PLN Spirograph, gives insight into what a PLN is and how to get yours growing.

TeacherTube description by teacher who created this 36 second video: This video demonstrates the power of social networking. Several days ago I announced via Twitter and later on my blog 2 Worth a wiki page I was constructing about Social Networking for Teachers. I asked volunteers to come in a help me populate the page. I did the first two edits and then sat back and watched. The page was edited 40 times in the first three hours.

I really like this YouTube video on Personal Learning Networks.